9 SEO Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Specialist

You’ve got that initial conversation with your business owner friend where they share something about their strategy and their business. Something makes you aware that they were just launched their blog. It’s working out well for them. They’re creating a wealth of content to attract more visitors to their blog. You wonder why they didn’t think of this before. Well, it’s not that easy. There are numerous factors to consider before you decide to hire someone to help you increase your SEO traffic.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of SEO Questions you need to ask them if you’re looking to hire a specialist.

1. Why Should I Invest in SEO?

Part of SEO can be technical. You have to consider your bot and content management system, for instance. Some advanced SEO bots can even pick up keywords to get search engine rankings, which is very impressive. However, your natural search results will always provide more value, because there’s some consistency in both. You need to be aware of that when you’re hiring someone.

2. How Much of Their Time Do You Spend on SEO?

I remember one scenario where a primary duty of their SEO team was spending 20% of their overall time on SEO. However, their primary focus was on directing traffic to the right place. I don’t think we need to worry too much about the time spent on SEO because it can help you attract new visitors. You can just do your own human traffic from there.

3. Do You Have Experience With SEO?

Some people make a big deal out of having years of SEO experience. However, sometimes they’re misinformed about the workings of SEO. You’ll do much better to know what you need to do to get a “master account” for analytics so you know exactly what’s going on. So, do you have experience on that front?

4. How Much of Their Time Does Your SEO Team Spend on People?

Many business owners don’t have a dedicated team of SEO specialists to guide and boost their search engine rankings. You can’t count on them to come up with an SEO strategy. They have staff that are responsible for implementing your content. So, are they responsible for implementing that SEO strategy as well?

5. Why Did You Choose This Adviser?

If someone recommends you to use a particular person to help you increase your website traffic, it’s usually because they think they can help. However, do you really know what their credentials are? If they didn’t specify, then you can only conclude that it’s a revenue raising enterprise. Is this who you want to hand your SEO strategies over to?

6. Do You Want to Track Progress on Your Website?

Many SEO experts like to track the top search terms a user uses to get to their website. You’re probably familiar with this in different ways depending on where you are in your life. Therefore, they’re often more familiar with these. However, if you were to hire them to help you with your strategy, it’s important that you ask them for help when it comes to performance metrics. Do you want to track what users are searching for, on a daily basis, to determine what works? You can always pick up on it again later if you need to.

7. How Will You Approach a Website Post a New Set of Posts?

It’s crucial that your SEO experts can be flexible to adjust content and topics to suit new trends. However, you should ask them about their plans for responding to new content sets coming in and adjusting new content to their particular reputation. Sometimes, they’ll have no time or patience for responses to different topics. They simply want to keep up with all things relevant to their business and they’ll try out different content types on their business site in order to generate the right results.

8. Are You Planning to Work With Third-Party Web Tools?

This one is essential. I’ve seen many businesses hire online marketers without any kind of plan in place. You’ll be amazed at the number of web content management systems they start using. You need to work out in advance exactly what direction you want to go in. If you don’t, your business will face issues with your search engine rankings. Be prepared.

9. What Qualifications Do You Have for Your Responsibilities?

You’ll be surprised at how many SEO experts don’t have any skills beyond WordPress. To help scale a website in the most effective way, you need to understand that you have to build domain knowledge for your SEO manager. They also need to understand various software packages and how to use them. As a result.